Friday, 25 February 2011

(Molly)Well I finally got my BONE! I was so happy - I growled at mummy every time she tried to take it away, it is so delicious.

We had a visitor last week. Our Aunty Sarah came all the way from Bracknell to visit us. She was so much fun - she played tug of war and fetch and took us for walks. In return Tess and I offered kisses and cuddles :)

(Tess) Yeah Aunty Sarah kept asking me to "play dead" before she would throw my toy, I was getting annoyed just a teenie bit. So if she asked me to "sit" I played "dead", if she asked me to "lay down" I played "dead". I found it rather amusing. 

(Molly) I think Aunty Sarah is coming back up in June - we really miss her! 

Mummy has been taking us for nice walks when she finishes work, it's good to be able to stretch my legs after a day of lazing in my bed! 

Not a lot to say today so will end here - it's getting past my bedtime!