Sunday, 3 July 2011

Update Finally!

Hello everyone, I'm back! Just in case you forgot I, Tess write in blue and Molly writes in purple.

Sorry for not updating this more often, Molly and I have been very busy.
Mummy is still taking me to obedience class although it is finished for the summer holidays at the moment.Within eight weeks I had been moved up to the Intermediate/Advanced class and mum says I've been doing really well. I can sit and stay for 3 mins, lie down and stay for 2 mins, I can stay while mummy is out of sight. I can also do a beginners/Intermediate/Advanced recall.
I have a best friend at the class, a CockerPoo called Dilly. I like most of the other dogs apart from the big Newfoundland and the two German Shepherds - they keep running over to me and scaring me. I shout at them to go away! I'm not scared anymore and am enjoying going to obedience now.

I had to go to the vet last month as mummy found a lump on my shoulder. The vet said something about a possible injection reaction from my booster. Mum has to wait 2 months and then go back if it isn't gone - I hope it goes away, I don't want tests. 

The other very exciting thing is that mummy started taking Molly and I to agility classes! It's so much fun - I love my aunty Angela!
I can jump full height now which is over 24 inches and go through the tunnel. We are working on contacts on the a-frame at the moment. 
It has been quite hot the past few sessions and I haven't really felt like running about in the heat.
Mummy also bought some jumps and a weave so we have been practising at home. I wonder how long it will be until I can run through the weave!

Don't hog all the blog Tess!

As Tess said mummy has been taking us to agility. I only started jumping full height properly last week. I was too scared before and ducked under the jumps which mummy found very amusing for some reason!
I ran over the A-frame last week but forgot to stop at the bottom - mummy was quite insistant about it!
I get too hot sometimes and go for a wander in the field, mummy doesn't understand, sometimes I just need some time to myself!

Today. mummy took me to Lanark racecourse to see aunty Angela and her dogs compete in an agility competition. They were very good. I don't think I could run some of the courses, they looked hard. 

We went for a walk where I was allowed off lead to play with Jazz and Haggis and could go meet other dogs. Eventually we arrived at Lanark Loch and we all went for a dip, well all the dogs did ;)
Mummy says she has sun burn? She soaked me with the hose when I got home, it was lovely and cool on my fur. I've been sleeping most of the afternoon.

Since starting agility in April I have lost 1.9kg and mummy seems really pleased. 

We are trying a new food at the moment. It's called Skinner's Field and Trial Salmon. 
I was fed on Burns, but for the first time in nearly 4 years I started eating my poo :o - I tried telling mummy it was yummy but she shouted at me, so, I threatened to give her a big kiss.

Tess and I thought that we could review some products we have used for other dogs to see.
Today we are reviewing: The Dogit Water Fountain for Large Dogs.

I loved it straight away, no Molly slobbers or hair in my water and it was lovely and fresh.
Mummy says the filters are cheap too, especially if you buy them on ebay. It has a set of sponge filters which need changed every 6 months and a carbon filter that is changed every 4-6 weeks depending on how many dogs are using it.

I took a bit longer to get used to it, it was strange at first but I like it now. Beats drinking out the hose!
Tess and I would give this 4 paws up out of a possible 5.

It lost a paw point because I managed to crack the base with my bone - it is still usable but we feel the base should be stronger!

Anyways folks, we hope you enjoy our blog and hopefully we will update a little more regularly!