Friday, 18 March 2011

Poor Tess bear

Hello everyone, it's Tess here.

For the past two weeks mummy has been taking me to training classes. I was a little scared at first as there was lots of barking dogs. However, I soon settled in and last Tuesday I was demonstrating in front of the whole class with the trainer! I'm so clever. 
Mum says if all goes well with training I can start agility classes - I have no idea what that is but Mummy says you have to jump?Molly tells me it is fun - she said she particularly liked running around the arena.

Today Molly and I went to the vet. Molly had her usual immunotherapy injection for her allergies and I have a VERY sore ear. The vet was nice to me and didn't put her otoscope in my ear - she said it looked too sore. I have to have my ear cleaned three times a day and then mum has to wait half an hour after cleaning to put my drops in.
Mummy keeps putting a thing on my face when she cleans my ear - I can't open my mouth. I haven't said anything to mum so I don't know why she does it. I heard her telling daddy she wouldn't blame me if I bit her as it looks sore - I haven't bitten anyone?

The best bit about the vets was that our vet, Karen, said I was her favourite Dalmatian :)

After the vet, mummy took me down the high street where we met a lady who owned a flower shop. She made a big fuss of me and said to mummy she has a great friend in me.

We then went into the pet shop. While mummy was choosing my treats, Alex, the pet shop owner was cuddling me and feeding me a sausage. It was so tasty. I was very excited, I love getting cuddles. A lady came into the shop and was making a big fuss of me - her hair smelt nice. She said something about Herbal Essences then Essence of Luke the Labrador - is that a new shampoo?

Mummy and Daddy then took Molly and I to Biggar Common to run around. It was so much fun!

I've slept most of the afternoon! I wonder what we will get up to tomorrow!