Monday, 3 January 2011

3rd January 2011

It's snowing here again! I love the snow!Tess and I have races around the garden - I always win.

Mum and dad are not happy as they have to go back to work tomorrow, while I stay in the nice warm house with the TV on and a kong and goody bone to munch - it's a dog's life.

I've learned not to be frightened of my water fountain and I am enjoying the fresh, cool water at last. It's a Dogit Large drinking fountain, if anyone is looking for one I would highly recommend it. Mum says it is easy to clean too.

I am still waiting for my bone! Mum says I will have to wait until her long weekend this Friday. She says there was something called a bank holiday today, I have no idea what that is but mum said nothing was open. I think she is lying though - we had a delivery - they bring food every week to the house for mum and dad. It had Jumbones in it, yum yum!


  1. Hi Molly, I've heard so much about you and Tess!
    I see you're a Labrador like me :D hopefully we'll get to meet each other soon! I bet you couldn't beat ME in a race though ;)

    Lucky you - having people bring Jumbones to your house! I always run out of Dentastix and mummy says she can't be bothered to go to the shops JUST to get me them. JUST!? Humans just don't understand!

  2. Hi, Molly! My name is Spur. I've been reading your blog entries to my friend, Brit, an older yellow Lab. She belongs to my grandma. Anyway, we love to hear about another Lab's life!

  3. Ooh, bet you'll enjoy your jumbones when your mummy gives them to you! (:

  4. I enjoyed the snow too Molly, although i dont think we had as much as you. Maybe i should have come to visit you, we could have played in the snow and had skidding races :)

  5. Oh how fun! I love all that white snowy goodness - and hopes to get much more soon!